I hope everyone has had a great summer so far! My family just got back from a trip, so I decided to make my first entry about traveling with a family member who is diabetic.  
Every step of the way, we had to stop and make sure that my dad had his blood tester, was using it, and was carrying glucose.  Also, as if traveling isn’t hard enough, every time we went through security, his insulin pump would set off the metal detector, and he would have to explain to security that he is a diabetic.  Luckily, because it is such a common condition, everyone was very understanding, but it was definitely stressful. 

One thing that I have found to be helpful is to check in every so often just to make sure that his blood sugar is okay, and that he isn’t displaying symptoms of high or low blood sugar.  Also, I always asked whether or not he was carrying glucose before we left for the day.  It’s easy to just throw a pack of glucose beans in my bag.  Do any of you have any advice, tips or stories about traveling with a diabetic?

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