My younger brother turned 11 this year, which is the same age my dad was when he got Type 1 diabetes.  Recently, I have been wondering what the likelihood is that either my brother or I, or our children could develop diabetes.  I looked at some different websites, and it turns out that the genetic inheritance patterns of Type 1 diabetes are still very unclear to doctors.  Most of the articles I read said that you have to inherit a gene from BOTH of your parents in order to be at risk, and that there are environmental factors that could increase your chances of developing diabetes.  Some of these factors include climate, and diet.  Studies are showing that a diet deficient in certain vitamins triggers Type 1 diabetes in children. 
How diabetes is passed on from each generation to the next is still very mysterious.   Hopefully research will continue to be conducted so that in the future, inheriting Type 1 diabetes could potentially be avoided.  If you want to learn more about the genetics of diabetes, check out this link:
Adam LaRosa
1/17/2013 02:34:32 am

Very interesting! I was wondering the same thing about Type II diabetes as my brother was just recently diagnosed with it.


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