After over 20 years with the same insulin pump, and the same routine of testing his blood about 10 times a day, my dad recently decided to try a new method of glucose control.  Medtronic's MiniMed with the Enlite glucose sensor recently became FDA approved in the United States.  The sensor is injected into another part of the body and wirelessly connects with the insulin pump to continuously monitor glucose levels without having to constantly test your blood.  It also has some amazing features such as Threshold Suspend Automation, which automatically suspends insulin delivery if blood sugar levels reach a preset low.  I'm really glad that my dad will be getting one of these soon, and I know he is looking forward to having an even easier and more worry-free lifestyle with Type 1.  Check out the MiniMed 530G system at   

I recently returned from a trip to Wyoming that I took with my family.  On the plane ride back, we had a layover, and when we got off the first flight, my dad couldn't find his blood tester.  A blood tester is crucial for a diabetic because it gives them an exact reading of their blood sugar level and allows them to take the appropriate amount of insulin if necessary.  Naturally, we were all worried and nervous when the blood tester was no where to be found.  My dad assured us that he would be fine, but everyone still took extra precautions.  We woke him up every 30 minutes on the flight back to New York, and always asked him how he was feeling.  The next day, after returning home, the first thing my dad did was buy an extra blood tester that either my mom, my brother, or I can carry if when we travel.  Even though it was a scary experience, now we will always be prepared if something happens in the future.  Find out if someone you know with diabetes travels with an extra blood tester! 
If you want to take an extra precaution and carry a blood tester, I recommend the OneTouch UltraMini which is extremely small and portable - my dad uses it.
Because it's winter break and I've had some more free time than usual, I've been in the mood to cook and bake.  I was looking for recipes for brownies and pies, but realized how high in sugar and carbohydrates desserts can be.  Making sure that foods are low in sugar and carbs is extremely important for diabetics because it affects how much insulin they need to give themselves.  Also, consuming large amounts of sweets can cause a spike in blood sugar levels.