As soon as I read this touching article from a website entitled "The Global Diabetes Community", I knew I had to post about it.  The article tells the story of the father of a two-year-old who was cured of his Type 1 Diabetes through two different organ transplants.  Although his first transplant failed, the doctors were not discouraged, and made room for a "new" pancreas that can produce insulin for his body.  Now, Carl Jones (no longer an insulin dependent diabetic) can lead an active life.   Although this could be a lucky case, and organ transplants are still dangerous, advances like this show that Type 1 Diabetes is continuously being researched, and that doctors are making progress towards a cure.  
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I recently read an article online about a how having diabetes can affect one's relationships and ability to cope with emotional challenges.  I found this article extremely relevant because it dealt not only with diabetics, but also the people they interact with.  As the kid of a Type 1 diabetic, it was interesting to learn that studies have shown how valuable support is to decreasing stress and conflict in a diabetic's life.  The more involved a partner, parent, or even child is, they less anxiety there is surrounding the disease and its potential effects.  
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